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Over the years, when I’ve been in the process of a pastoral search, I’ve been struck by the number of churches that describe themselves in glowing terms, how great they are, how open to change, how ready they are for fresh leadership. But too often I’ve also known those churches well enough to know those claims are fantasies, either self-delusions or denials meant to lure a pastor to come.


I asked Harvest’s search committee to allow me to add this letter to the search site in order to tell you that the good things this church advertises are true. I’ve been here six years. I have found a congregation of loving people who are genuinely open to change and leadership, who want to get behind their pastor and see the church thrive. They love Jesus and want to grow in Him. That’s not just talk, it’s true.


I’m retiring as I enter my 70s, not because of any conflict or any flaws in the church, but because I see that I don’t have the energy and vision this church needs and deserves for its next phase of life. I’ve been treated very well by Harvest Church. I’ve found a church ready to try new things, ready to step out in faith. Of course, they need to be persuaded and need to build trust before they jump in, but I’ve never served a church so willing to follow good leadership.


This church needs a pastor who loves Jesus and loves small town churches and is ready to love and lead in the context of Midwest small-town culture.


No church is perfect, and Harvest faces challenges going into the future, but they are ready to face those challenges with a spiritually grounded pastor with fresh vision for the coming days.


Yours in Christ,

Doug Harvey, Retiring Pastor

Harvest Church

(217) 433-5773

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